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Welcome to our social media influencer program!  We've kept things very simple - if you have a isntagram following of more than 2000, we'd love to work with you to promote  And, we will reward you with $50 for doing so.


Stage One

Create a profile on


If you've not already done so, create a profile as a content creator.  Complete your profile by loading a profile pic, details about yourself and your content, by loading at least 5 public and 5 paid pics and loading a video or two.


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Stage Two

Enrol as an influencer for


We need to know that you want to work with us - and to claim your $50!  The enrolment process only takes a moment, click the enrol button below and complete the form. 

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Stage Three

Promote on your socials.


We need everyone to know about AussieFans- and we need your help to do this.  More people using the site means more people purchasing your content so let's build this community together and all benefit from it.  



You've created a profile with - now it's time to make some money off your content! Add us to your link tree and post a story on your instagram as a teaser for your AussieFans content - and tag us in!  We will repost your story to our IG.


Reach out to other content creators on the AussieFans website and offer to shout out their AussieFans profile - and ask them to promote yours!


We want to promote your profile too, so we will feature you on our instagram and create a tile post about your AussieFans profile that will stay on our instagram profile.  We will also create an IG story which we will put into regular circulation on our IG and tag you in, make sure you repost on yours.  Lastly, we will put you on the front page of the AussieFans website on rotation so fans who have not created an account can also see your content.  When you're successful - we all benefit!


Every time you post new content to AussieFans - tell your IG followers and tag us in! We will repost it to drive more fans to your AussieFans content.

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